Gamers can prove how good they really are by taking part in Virgin gaming tournaments. People can play their favorite console games to earn money, points and prizes by winning competitions hosted by the website.

Virgin is well known all over the world for its numerous business ventures and products. It has grown from a small business in the United Kingdom to a huge empire with a hand in media, finance, transportation, and more. Sir Richard Branson, the owner of the company is also noted for his personal accomplishments.

There is a breed of gamer that feels they are good enough to make money on their skills. With online gaming growing in popularity and use daily, this is no longer just a dream. These are not limited to a few yearly tournaments either. By using the internet, there are now websites that allow people to play against each other every day for real money.

The Virgin Group has decided to expand into this growing market with their Gaming website. To use it, a person needs to make an account at their website and register. People must be the age of majority and have a valid user ID from their game console. For XBOX owners, this is their “gamertag”, and for Playstation owners, this is their PSN ID. Registration is free, but each person may only have one account.

Following registration, a user can take part in weekly tournaments held by the company. There are competitions for many of the latest games, including the most recent Madden, NHL, and NBA 2K sports games. In addition to weekly competitions, users may communicate with one another and challenge them to a match. Gamers can play each other for fun or for money by setting the parameters for the match ahead of time. The winner of the challenge collects any money that was used to enter. Virgin uses an automatic validation system for all games played which collects the results from the server that hosted the game. This insures that nobody can cheat or alter the final statistics.

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When you play for cash, you put up an entry fee, which you lose if you’re beaten in the game. In order to put the money into the pot, you have to deposit some into your user account. You do this using your credit card or your Paypal account. The winner has their earnings put into their user account and it can be withdrawn the same way it was deposited.

In addition to money, users can also get points and a reputation. Points are earned through different activities on the site and they can be redeemed for merchandise and tournament fees. Reputation is effected by personal actions during gameplay. The better a person acts during games, whether they won or not, the better their reputation will be. Opponents can write comments in regards to a match, which can be viewed by others. Also, each user is assigned a skill rating. The rating is based on wins and losses and how many games they have played, which provides a rough idea of how hard or easy an opponent will be to face.

Virgin is giving gamers a safe, well maintained system for hardcore gamers. If you’re really good, you could make a few bucks every week just by playing video games. If you ever wanted to get more than just kudos for your gaming skills, this is where you can get it.

Now you can learn about the advantages and benefits of becoming a successful gamer using the methods provided through Virgin gaming tournaments. To get more information about the fun world of gaming, visit today!

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